Capturing a maximum number of backlinks for a site’s SEO. Besides guest blogging and link exchange, another editorial practice can generate a large number of links: link baiting.


What is link baiting?

By definition , link baiting is "link baiting". In concrete terms, it is a netlinking technique that aims to obtain inbound links in a completely natural way. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that the proposed content is attractive enough to be taken up by others.

Internet users dealing with a similar theme can create backlinks on their blog, their website or their tagging platform. Of course, this is done without you needing to solicit them, pay them or make an exchange of inbound links.

Perfectly in line with Google's recommendations, link baitingcan complement or even replace a keyword buying strategy. Although it requires more time than other netlinking approaches, it still offers better results in the long run.


What are the benefits of link baiting?

Increase your traffic

An original and interesting article will inevitably generate likes, comments and shares. The more backlinks there are to this article, the more visitors you will get.

As long as the content created is qualitative, visitors will potentially become more regular and loyal.

Improve your SEO

It is no secret that links are very important in search engine optimization. To rank sites, Google uses an algorithm that takes into account the number of backlinks, but also their quality.

The more the netlinking aspect is worked, the better the positioning on the search results. Moreover, if the backlinks are one way, it will weigh even more in the balance.

Gaining notoriety and e-reputation

By focusing on value-added content, you are more likely to create a buzz around your site. From the moment bloggers highlight your articles, the popularity of your site will increase and you will quickly create a buzz. For your e-reputation, this can be a real boost.

How to do link baiting?

Creating a viral content

The content must be rich, original and understandable to readers and search engines. Otherwise, there is little chance that a reliable and influential site will give you visibility.

To get people in your market to share your link, you also need to offer fresh and varied content. Between videos, interviews, online games and exclusive infographics, you're spoilt for choice.

viral content

Optimize the SEO of your page that contains the attractive content

Publishing viral content is good, but you still need to know how to position it. First, make sure you choose the page on which you publish your content, taking into account its place in the site's tree structure.

Think about optimizing the SEO of the content to be published, but also to bet on the right keywords. As soon as your page is online, index it with Google Search Console.

Make your content known

Even if you create good content, you won't get backlinks if no one sees it. To make your pages known, you can use various channels, starting with social networks via influencers, bloggers, editors, journalists, etc.

In your press releases, do not hesitate to place the link in question on a good anchor.

Examples of link baiting


Tutorials are becoming more and more popular and are an excellent way to create link baiting. Useful and interesting to watch whatever their subject, Internet users share them very easily.

Making videos

Classic, but still effective, videos encourage link baiting when they are original and well done. To make a video viral, it is preferable that it be short and carefully edited.


Just like videos, infographics are among the most engaging and popular content of the moment. For example, to convey fairly technical information, a nice infographic will always be more enjoyable to look at.

Studies and surveys

Contrary to what you might think, surveys attract many more backlinks than simple content. When well done, it gives you an expert image and makes you gain credibility.

Rankings or lists

Unsurprisingly, titles like "Top 10" attract a lot of visitors. That said, the topics covered must be interesting and innovative.


Interviews can be easily shared, especially when the interviewee provides exclusive information. At the same time, you reach their readership as well as your own.


You know all about link baiting! It's a strategy that takes time and energy but is very beneficial if done well.

À It's up to you to find the format that suits your field of activity and your community, but also according to your objective, Tutorials on how to use your product better, prove your expertise by conducting studies or surveys, etc.

   Article written by Louis Chevant

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