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E-commerce and SEO

The ultimate guide to SEO for e-merchants

Download our guide to the 6 key steps to follow to properly optimize your e-commerce website.


Google My Business: optimize local SEO

Download our step-by-step method to optimize your company's Google My Business listing.


The SEO technical audit guide

Download our step-by-step method to perform your website’s technical SEO audit.


On-page SEO: the ultimate guide to a Google optimized page

Download our step-by-step method to optimize tags, images, content, and web page URLs on your website.

Google Search Console

The ultimate guide to Google Search Console

Download our guide for the new Google Search Console: free tool provided by Google to analyze your website’s SEO performance.

Writing for the web (with SEO in mind)

Download our web copywriting guide gathering rules to follow to make Google like what you write.

internal-white-book mesh

Top SEO tips: Internal linking, semantic cocoons and tree structure

Download our step-by-step method to build semantic cocoons, internal linking, and your website’s optimal tree structure.


Top SEO tips : Prestashop

Download our step-by-step method to easily optimize your Prestashop store’s organic ranking!