Netlinking SEO: the ultimate guide

Netlinking is one of the components of an SEO strategy. It consists of increasing the number of backlinks to a website to improve its popularity and therefore the positioning of the targeted page.

Should you focus on the number of links or the quality? How to improve your referencing by creating links?

The 7 chapters of SEO Netlinking

In the past, the PageRank was an official data from Google that indicated the "popularity" of a site or rather a webpage. The PageRank could indeed vary from one page to another within the same site.

  • What is PageRank?
  • How to measure PageRank?
  • How to improve your PageRank?

For a website to be on the first page of search engines, work must be done on SEO. For this, it is important that the site has proven itself in the eyes of Google.

  • Domain Authority: What is it?
  • Domain Authority: Why is it important in SEO?
  • Domain Authority: How to optimize it for SEO?
  • Domain Authority: mistakes to avoid

The Page Authority or PA is a measure developed by Moz to which SmartKeyword, as a partner, gives you access. It gives on a scale of 1 to 100 the strength of a page of a given site, to appear in the first Google results.

  • Page Authority : What is it?
  • How is the Page Authority calculated?
  • Page Authority : Why is it important in SEO?
  • Page Authority : How to improve it for SEO?
  • Page Authority : How to optimize it for SEO?
  • Page Authority : Mistakes to avoid

Anchors are intimately connected to links, and therefore to internal linking and netlinking. These anchors are essential for SEO. However, if misused, you will get caught by the Google Penguin algorithm.

  • What is a link anchor in terms of SEO?
  • Link anchors: beware, the Google Penguin algorithm is watching you!
  • How to find the best anchor for a link?

It has become very hard to get good SEO backlinks! What if you tried to get links with content that is a little less "mainstream"? What if you were going to look for quality links different from those of your competitors?

  • Prerequisites and reminder on the different types of links
  • Spontaneous links: miracles happen!
  • 1st shift: the target: influencers
  • 2nd shift: content

Google Bombing is part of the practices qualified as "Black Hat", which consist in improving the ranking of a page or a website by exploiting the flaws of the Google algorithm.

  • How does Google Bombing work?
  • “Miserable failure” : the most famous Google Bombing
  • The end of Google Bombing?

PBNs, for Private Blog Networks, are still today an SEO strategy used by many SEOs and web agencies. However, their use is controversial because it is considered a high-risk practice.

  • What are Private Blog Networks, and what is their purpose?
  • Do PBNs have a future?
  • The risks with Google and the penalties incurred

Backlinks are hypertext links for Internet users to go from website A to website B. They are also used by crawler robots in order to explore the web and discover new pages or websites to be indexed.

  • What are backlinks used for in SEO?
  • Definition of Netlinking
  • Criteria of a good link
  • The best netlinking strategies
  • The most controversial netlinking strategies

Capturing a maximum number of backlinks is a real asset for the natural referencing of a site. In addition to guest blogging and link exchange, another editorial practice can generate a large number of links: link baiting.

  • What is link baiting?
  • What are the benefits of link baiting?
  • How to do link baiting?

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