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SEO Agency for WordPress: the best solution for your website's SEO?

WordPress is still the preferred CMS for more than 2/3 of website creations. But, in terms of SEO, what is the management system worth? At SmartKeyword we tell you everything!

WordPress is what is known as a content management system (CMS). It gives you the ability to design, manage and update your website without ever using code.

But WordPress is not a CMS like the others, it is the number 1 on the market, far ahead of Drupal, Magento or Wix. There are many reasons for its success:

  • It is free and open source.
  • It offers a multitude of theme choices.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It offers plugins and extensions for just about every purpose.
  • It has a huge community of users (problem solving, tutorials...).
  • It is adaptable to all types of sites: blog (native version), sales site (Woocommerce extension).

And, of course, WordPress offers many solutions and tools to improve your visibility on search engines.

How can I improve my SEO on WordPress?

Not all themes are equal. For example, some load faster than others. When choosing your theme, don't just take into account the design of your theme, but several other features:

  • its loading speed ;
  • its bugs listed by the community;
  • its compatibility with the plugins you wish to use;
  • the way it appears on tablets and mobiles (responsive design);
  • its optimization for SEO and its ergonomics.

Creating a sitemap is an essential SEO step in the creation of your site. A sitemap is a list of your indexable pages that you offer directly to the crawlers. With a well-structured sitemap, your pages are indexed and ranked much more efficiently in search engines.

For create a sitemap on WordPresswe recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin. The plugin includes an option that automatically creates a "site map" that you can then implement in Google Search Console.

In SEO, it's not only content quality, netlinking and technical optimisation that count. Security is also essential to send a good signal to Google and the search engines.

To do this, it is essential that the pages on your site respect the SSL protocol. To find out if your site does, simply look at the URL of your pages. If they start with HTTPS instead of HTTP, then your site is secure.

Alternatively, you can simply contract an SSL certificate on your hosting account. Then, you just need to migrate your WordPress site to HTTPS using a plugin.

Why choose WordPress for your SEO?

WordPress is particularly interesting for improving your SEO, as it offers many technical optimisation solutions through its plugins. The main ones are :

  • Image compression and caching (lazy load)
  • The configuration of tags, URLs, categories and tags
  • The suggestion of an optimised internal link
  • Helping to optimise page content
  • Optimising the speed of the pages
  • Optimising site security

What plugins should I use for SEO on WordPress?

But how do you implement all these SEO best practices on your WordPress site? To help you, our team has put together a list of essential extensions to install.

Yoast is the must-have plugin forSEO optimization of your WordPress site. Length of your meta title, meta description and h1 tags, content optimization according to a specific keyword, sitemap creation... The possibilities offered by Yoast are numerous. It is therefore the perfect extension if you are a beginner in SEO and you need support.

Caching is often overlooked, yet it is as important to SEO as the UX of your site. Indeed, caching your pages allows them to load much faster, especially when they contain many images. However, be careful to clear your cache when you update your pages.

In addition to these two first choice extensions, we recommend other very interesting plugins for your SEO:

  • Imagify: to compress your large images.
  • AMP: to speed up the loading speed of your pages.
  • Broken link checker : to detect your dead links.
  • SEOquake: to obtain essential information and metrics on a query or the competition.

Plugins or agency support for the SEO of your WordPress site?

With the tools we have just presented, you already have a good basis to work on the your WordPress site's SEO. But if you want to go further, call on the expertise of our SEO agency. This way, you will be able to have a personalized support to reach your goals.