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Make SEO topics simple and accessible

SEO is one of the most profitable acquisition channels. However, it is one with the weakest knowledge and investments.

At SmartKeyword, we want to change that. That’s why we’ve completely reworked the way SEO is managed by creating a new standard.

A true hybrid model: bringing together a unique platform containing all the necessary functionalities to manage daily activities, and a strong team of SEO experts to support you when needed, but only when it’s necessary.


Tangible benefits


Full control on projects, deadlines and budgets. Guaranteed ROI!


Performance and expertise on all SEO topics.


Simpler day-to-day thanks to a unique SEO tool.

collaboration-team collaboration

Easiercollaboration between teams and more transparency.

Our solution: a true hybrid model!


A single platform for full SEO management

A complete and intuitive SEO tool. More than a simple tool, a real support to automate the most repetitive tasks:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Competition monitoring

No longer afraid of being overwhelmed by SEO actions, your SmartKeyword account tells you what to do. Observe your efforts’ results with quality reports.

The correct balance between people and technology

Get SEO support catered to your needs and personalized with a SmartKeyword expert who knows your website’s setup and your industry’s context.


A turnkey solution for E-Commerce websites

Easily optimize your website’s SEO, and boost your sales thanks to our offer combining a platform and E-Commerce experts.

How to be the strongest on Google?

Our difference lies in our approach

Knowledge sharing

online courses in our own academy for certification purposes
weeks: frequency of our client workshops
SEO professor at the University of Paris, and lecturer at the SEO Camp.


keywords sent to Google every week
million pages crawled per week
proprietary algorithms

We listen to all members of our community, not just our clients, and we’re always ready to do what is necessary to help them. More than just a promise, we are deeply involved in each and every step of our clients’ SEO project, as if it was our own project!

“Overall satisfied with my SEO agency, I had hesitated to switch to SmartKeyword. But when I see the platform’s quality, and especially the team members’ caliber, I realize that I made the right choice.”

Julien Drouot Julien Drouot, Ecommerce Director, Go Sport

“I have been working in SEO for over 10 years, and this is the first time that I’ve seen such a committed and impactful team in my various projects.”

Cindy Bringuier Cindy Bringuier, CEO, Oncovia

“Whenever I’ve got an SEO question, I know I can count on the SmartKeyword team’s responsiveness and expertise to give me an answer, and an action plan to follow.”

Julien Sylvain Julien Sylvain, CEO, Tediber

Feedback from our clients

Marketing managers, traffic managers, SEO specialists... from different sectors and sizes’ companies trust SmartKeyword to manage their SEO projects.

Julien Drouot
Julien DrouotDirector of Ecommerce - GO Sport
“Depuis que j’utilise SmartKeyword, j’ai un bien meilleur suivi, les données sont bien plus exactes, et je peux donc faire de bien meilleurs reportings.”

Antoine Delaruelle
Antoine DelaruelleSEO Director - Fioulmarket
“SmartKeyword is an intuitive and intelligent platform, with which I can easily manage my daily SEO actions. Not to mention the team who is always available to help me whenever I need it.”
Clara Penalba
Clara PenalbaAcquisition Manager - Privateaser
“Thanks to their well-thought-out platform and their team’s strong e-commerce expertise, SmartKeyword has enabled us to triple the traffic to our online store in less than 6 months.”

Any more questions?

An SEO agency can guarantee position gains, and it’s in their best interest to do so. However, it’s much more difficult to promise precise positions (for example, #2 on a keyword), especially in competitive sectors. Therefore, it’s fairer to aim for groups of positions, for example the top five, rather than a specific spot: beware of someone who guarantees the pole position at all times.



No. We have customers all over France and even abroad (which is why our platform is also available in English and Spanish).

Yes ^^. We have indeed completely reworked the way of managing SEO by creating a hybrid model composed of a single platform - with all the necessary functionalities to manage daily activities – and a strong team of SEO experts to support you when needed, but only when it’s necessary.

It’s difficult to say without knowing your project (tell us more here). Every need and goal is different. We will be able to give you a detailed quotation after having analyzed your market, competitors, and website, but also carried out a keyword study.

Despite our E-Commerce focus, we work in extremely varied sectors such as Retail, Construction, Tourism, Manufacturing... In parallel with our multi-sector expertise, we’ve designed our platform to address all SEO issues, no matter the sector. If we think that we are unable to help you, we will let you know.

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