Our Mission

Make SEO topics simple and accessible.

Our vision

Control and Autonomy

Our ambition is to offer you a service perfectly suited to your expectations and objectives, so that your teams are as independent as possible on all SEO topics.


Our values

Simple and Efficient

We want the best for our clients! This is why SmartKeyword has been designed to answer in the simplest and most efficient way possible all SEO issues and challenges.

  • Complementary: a platform to save time (and money) on repetitive low value tasks (performance monitoring, reporting, backlinks purchase...), and a team of experts to support you when necessary.
  • Pragmatic: we’re adapting to the needs and constraints of your teams. If developers are not available, we work on other topics.
  • Dedicated: we’re by your side from start to finish on your SEO projects, no matter the difficulty.

Performant and Professional

SmartKeyword has been designed to fulfil the main SEO needs at each stage of a project. This explains our requirement’s high level, both in terms of our platform and our services.

  • Committed: conversions, traffic and position gains are the reasons why we get up in the morning.
  • Responsive: a concrete answer to your questions within 24 hours, and if more time is needed, we let you know in total transparency.
  • Challenge ready: whether it’d be for optimizing your SEO, or for our platform and our team’s expertise, we know that the limits are meant to be broken and exceeded!

Collaborative and caring

We listen to all members of our community, and are always ready to do what is necessary to help them by sharing our expertise and knowledge.

  • Online SEO Academy with 200+ courses
  • Monthly client workshops
  • Teaching SEO at the University of Paris
  • Online SEO guide with 100+ SEO articles for all levels

We carry out face-to-face but mostly online webinars twice a month (during the Covid-19 pandemic). It is a time for us to give you all the keys for good SEO practice.


We were on TV! 🤩


Interviewed by Thomas Hugues, Louis Chevant , our CEO, was receivedon B-Smart .His feedback in two words: Intense and unexpected !

Next time, it's the 8pm on TF1! (or not)

Louis Chevant, founder

Sharing my SEO knowledge is a real pleasure. SmartKeyword and I regularly give lectures throughout the year. I’m also available now to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Contact me:

Our back-story

 Louis Chevant, SmartKeyword Founder

Here at SmartKeyword, we are convinced that SEO is one of the main marketing levers of our time. Despite everything that is said and written about it, SEO is:

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Inexpensive to set up

To support and carry SEO managers better, Louis Chevant and Sébastien Machard created SmartKeyword in 2017.

Comprising an easy-to-use platform, which brings together all the necessary functionalities for the daily management of your SEO, and a team of experts who will answer the most complex issues, SmartKeyword is currently helping more than 100 companies in France and the world to manage their SEO better.