Google SEO Tools: the ultimate guide

Google, in addition to being the most used search engine (92% of searches), offers a variety of tools that are used to generate awareness, traffic and online sales for businesses.

Discover and master the tools available to optimise your performance and your referencing.

The 16 chapters on Google tools

Google Analytics is THE official free Google service for analyzing a website or application’s audience.

  • Google Analytics: what is it?
  • How to use Google Analytics for SEO?
    • Audience
    • Acquisition channels
    • Website performance

If I work on my SEO, I want to know if it produces results, so I might as well understand right away how to measure these results thanks to the tools that Google provides! The Google Search Console is an indispensable tool that complements Google Analytics. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

  • How to create a Google Search Console account?
  • How to monitor SEO performance?
  • Use the performance report to optimize SEO
  • How to deal with indexing errors with the Google Search Console?
  • The URL inspection tool
  • Manage links using the Google Search Console
  • How to manage a website’s mobile ergonomics?
  • Go further with the Google Search Console

Optimizing the Google My Business listing is the first fundamental step in an SEO strategy.

  • What is Google My Business?
  • How to properly set up a Google My Business listing?
  • What is the target keyword?
  • Creation and validation of a Google My Business listing
  • Optimizations of secondary categories, description, services
  • Go further in "On-page" optimization and benefits of "Off-page" optimizations

The Google Alerts tool is an excellent marketing tool: it helps you create personalized alerts to be notified as soon as the topic appears on the Internet.

  • What is the Google Alerts tool and what is it used for?
  • How to create an alert on Google Alerts?

Google Trends is a small online tool for search trends. To do so, it’s based on how often a keyword is searched on Google over a given period of time.

  • Create seasonal content
  • Find new hot topics
  • Make sure popularity spikes don't skew your data
  • Diagnose a drop in organic traffic
  • Evaluate demand by city and region
  • Find related queries for the long tail
  • Choose the right medium for your topic

What if we hit the gas! Today, users leave your site if it doesn't load after 3 seconds. With PageSpeed Insights, you can identify what slows your site down and go to the next gear.

  • What is PageSpeed Insights?
  • How to interpret the data calculated by PageSpeed Insights ?
  • How to improve your score on Page Speed Insights?
  • PageSpeed Insights update

Google's Structured Data Testing Tool is a great tool for checking structured data on a website. Google will analyze a website, and display any structured data it finds on the website, indicating any errors and/or warnings.

  • What is structured data?
  • Google's structured data testing tool: how does it work?
  • Testing structured data directly from Google Search Console
  • How can the structured data testing tool help SEO?

Google Suggest, introduced in 2007, has become the centerpiece of Google search in just a few years. Its powerful algorithm is able to suggest all related keywords to a given keyword.

  • How does Google Suggest work?
  • How is Google Suggest useful for SEO?

Google's cache is a kind of saved copy of a web page that can be retrieved from servers. The page is copied whenever a robot visits it. There are two kinds of caches: the browser cache (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and the proxy cache.

  • Uses and objectives of the Google cache
  • How to see cached pages?

Every day, Google News is accessed by millions of people around the world, who are looking for quick access to a variety of articles on a given event or topic.

  • What is Google News?
  • What's new in the 2018 application?
  • What editorial constraints are there?

Google Ads is SEO’s paid part, and helps you grow a business by making yourself known to customers, and reaching the right audience at the right time.

  • What is Google Ads?
  • How does Google Ads work?
  • How to optimize your Google Ads campaigns?
  • Why should you use Google Ads?
  • What questions should I ask myself before launching a Google Ads campaign?
  • How to measure the return on investment? (ROI)
  • Can Google Ads help your SEO?

Anyone who is looking for a product on Google will see little inserts at the top of the results, with photos and prices. These inserts come from the service offered by Google Shopping.

  • What is Google Shopping?
  • What are Google Shopping’s advantages?
  • How does Google Shopping work and how to set it up?
  • How to optimize Google Shopping?

This article is mostly inspired by the “Impact of Big Data and Machine Learning on online marketing" conference at 2017’s SEO Camp, by Rodolphe Quenette at Authoritas, and Cécile Beroni, SEO manager at PriceMinister.

  • Predict Google's crawl in order to optimize it
  • Prediction of the best keywords
  • Predictions on urls

In the early days, Google Analytics displayed almost all of the data relating to the keywords typed by Internet users; the universal remedy for SEOs and website editors! But this data quickly became less and less accessible. All these keywords “hidden” by Google are the famous “not provided”.

  • Why has “not provided” become so important in Google Analytics data?
  • Why do we need this information for SEO?
  • What are the alternatives to find keywords typed by our site visitors?

In this brief tutorial, we will explain how to add a new user to Google Analytics, and precisely define each user’s rights! It can be very convenient when working with external partners or just new colleagues.

  • Google Analytics: the steps to add a new user
  • Google Analytics : how to choose which rights to give to new users
    • Edit
    • Collaborate
    • Read and analyze

On Google Search Console, users can gain some degree of permission on a "web property" which is typically a website.

  • What is the Google Search Console?
  • Google Search Console : ownership levels
  • Google Search Console : adding a user

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