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What is a Netlinking platform?

Netlinking platforms are part of the SEO tools that aim to increase the popularity of a website. Link buying platforms connect advertisers and publishers to save time.

How does it work with SmartKeyword?

A netlinking tool to buy backlinks

  • Strengthen your netlinking through the purchase of quality backlinks in complete security and delivered in just a few days.


Boost your netlinking with a simple and intuitive tool

You can manage one or more websites and follow the evolution of Google positions on a daily basis.

Resources to help you with netlinking

As an SEO expert, SmartKeyword supports you throughout your netlinking campaign project.

To learn more about the specifics of netlinking and link building, we share with you the complete guide to building quality links.


Your thematic and semantic netlinking campaigns

Receive links from sites that deal with the same theme as yours, so the anchors will be semantically optimised so that they make sense to the search engines!

Feedback from our clients

Marketing managers, traffic managers, SEO specialists... from different sectors and sizes’ companies trust SmartKeyword to manage their SEO projects.

Julien Sylvain
Julien SylvainCEO: Tediber
“When I have a Netlinking campaign to run, I turn to SmartKeyword to buy my backlinks. They have impressive know-how and knowledge in this sector. They’ve never disappointed me and I don’t think they ever will. Thank you SmartKeyword for your work!”
Cindy Bringuier
Cindy BringuierOncovia: CEO
“My experiences with SmartKeyword have always brought satisfaction. They know how to choose the right backlinks and the results which come out are amazing. In my last experience with them, my traffic was boosted by two, and this allowed me to achieve a lot. Thank you very much, SmartKeyword!”
Clara Penalba
Clara PenalbaPrivateaser: Acquisition Manager
“I ran my Netlinking with SmartKeyword. In addition to having great results thanks to those backlinks, we work out together the strategies to put into place. I understand where I am putting my budget because they are transparent about it. I really recommend the SmartKeyword team.”

Why buy links for your website?

When you want to have a good referencing on Google, there are several pillars on which you must play: content, technique and netlinking. Concerning the latter, the strategy consists of acquiring quality backlinks, i.e. from sites whose theme and semantics are related.

Indeed, if you sell bicycles, a link from a website selling cookies will not be very relevant in the eyes of Google! So once the reputation of the site has been checked, your website should then benefit from the 'link juice' or 'seo juice' and gain in reputation.

Buying links on platforms, what you need to know

To be effective, a backlink strategy must be qualitative and not quantitative. A good link with an optimised anchor in the text is worth much more than several links bought right and left without thinking. Indeed, the most important point to respect in netlinking is that it must remain natural in the eyes of Google. If your site acquires a lot of links over a short period of time you risk suffering a Google penalty, to avoid this it is advisable to acquire links regularly.

This is why, before you start buying links, you must first develop a netlinking strategy. Furthermore, your anchors must be chosen with care, i.e. in a text where the lexical and semantic field is optimised for the targeted query.

The advantages of a Netlinking platform

The more comprehensive the catalogue, the more effective the netlinking strategy developed by the users can be.

A netlinking platform must offer relevant statistics on the websites proposed in its catalogues. In addition, tools for analysing the potential links of these websites must have recent data so that your strategy for optimising the natural referencing of your website is relevant.

In the world of SEO, netlinking and content writing are linked, because no links without text. This is why it can be advantageous for a netlinking platform to be able to offer a writing service in order to work more quickly and efficiently on its SEO.

If you are new to netlinking and decide to start optimising your website, you may not get it right the first time and this can be dangerous for your website in the long run. for your website. Indeed, netlinking is a science that requires a certain expertise. Professionals may also have technical difficulties and need advice.

Every user of a netlinking platform or tool should be able to find help, advice or request a netlinking audit if they express the need.