Content Marketing: the ultimate guide

Brand content, content marketing and content curation. It is possible to get lost between all these strategies. Don't panic, we'll explain everything!

The 3 chapters of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on producing content that is useful and relevant to targets, with the aim of attracting and retaining them.

  • What are the differences between B2B and B2C content marketing?
  • What are the advantages of content marketing?
  • How to create an effective content marketing strategy?
  • Integrate SEO into a content strategy

You are a b2b company and you want to optimise your communication strategy? Improve your online presence with b2b content marketing. How does it work? What are the results of this type of approach? SmartKeyword tells you everything.

  • What are the objectives of content marketing?
  • What is a b2b content strategy?
  • Why is content marketing important in b2b?
  • How to build a b2b marketing content strategy?

B2C is the set of commercial and marketing relationships that unite a company with individual consumers. B2C content marketing refers to the texts, videos and images produced by the company for consumers.

  • What is B2C content marketing?
  • The difference between B2B content marketing and B2C marketing
  • Understanding the B2C customer
  • How to succeed with B2C content marketing?
  • B2C brand marketing strategy

Your content strategy has a strong impact on your marketing, your SEO and the health of your site. It is a well-known fact among SEOs and marketers that search engines and Internet users are hungry for quality content. However, it is not enough to continuously serve them quality dishes to seduce them and reap the recognition (conversions and better positioning).

  • Define your Buyers personas: who will read your content?
  • Set SMART objectives: choose measurable actions
  • Find the topics for your content strategy
  • Optimising your SEO
  • Planning the production of content
  • Inbound marketing to educate and convert your prospects

Brand content is everywhere. Yet few of us really know what it means and the best tips for using it. But brand content represents a huge opportunity for brands.

  • Difference between brand content and content marketing
  • Examples of successful brand content strategies

"The more quality content you create, the better your digital marketing": do you believe this axiom accepted by content marketers? It is unavoidable. But you still need to know how to mix the types of content: an art that is not yet an exact science.

We will introduce you to the different web content formats, including the advantages of each type of content. Our ambition is that you will better choose the format of your next publication.

  • Why vary the types of content?
  • Content marketing: an art and approaches.
  • The different types of content and their benefits

Content creation is a powerful lever, and from now on unavoidable, of any digital marketing strategy. The new search and purchase behaviours of the Internet consumer require the continuous production of Internet content (Web and social networks). Marketers have to adapt the weight, the objective, the form, the pace and the distribution channel of their digital content to their global strategy. As for content creators (SEO writers, videographers, computer graphics designers), they must make these choices while guaranteeing the quality and attractiveness of the output.

It is an art to be deployed. The ideal content must appeal to the user (readable and copywriteable content) and to the search engine bots (SEO content).

  • Why do SEO content creation
  • What are the objectives of content creation?
  • How to optimise your web content creation?

Content curation is about finding content on various web platforms and presenting it to your followers on social media, adding your personal touch.

  • What is the difference between business intelligence and content curation?
  • What are the benefits of content curation?
  • How to carry out a content curation?

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