The different types of Search Engine Optimizations: SEO from all angles

When we talk about SEO, the most adequate definition is actually ranking. We don't just want to be indexed on Google, we want to be well positioned to attract as many customers as possible.

Learn the best practices for the type of SEO that suits you best.

Types of SEO

Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to give visibility to a business in its catchment area.

  • What is local SEO?
  • How can I rank my site well in local search?

As much as 60% of people do their research on their mobile. So optimizing your SEO for mobile users has become an obvious choice.

  • What is Mobile SEO?
  • How to optimize your website for mobile SEO?
  • How to improve your page speed on mobile?
  • How to know if your site is optimized for mobile SEO?

Voice search essentially helps users dictate their search to their phone or tablet, rather than typing keywords on their keyboard.

  • What is voice search?
  • What is the impact of voice search on organic search results?
  • How to optimize a website for voice search?

Do you want to expand internationally online? You’re right! The web is with no doubt the most effective lever for a company looking to launch on the European or international market.

  • Identify visibility and traffic potential
  • Target the right countries
  • Multi-country and multi-lingual site: managing the URL scheme
  • Optimize foreign website versions

While a lot of people go on Google every day to search, YouTube is no exception: it’s the 2nd search engine in the world!

  • Step 1: Find keywords for your videos
  • Step 2: Create your incredible video
  • Step 3: Upload the video to YouTube with SEO optimizations
  • Step 4: Let's go get some views!

The SEO landscape is quickly changing every year. Since 2016, we have been hearing about the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format. But since some technical barriers were lifted, AMP has become the format of the future for mobile pages.

  • What is an accelerated mobile page?
  • Why did this format appear?
  • The different criteria of an AMP page
  • How to install AMP?
  • Technical questions
  • What is the impact of AMP on SEO?

Paid search is a web-marketing pillar intended to connect with Internet users, who will have typed the search queries, through ads.

  • How does paid search work?
  • What is the difference between SEO and SEA?
  • What are the different types of levers in paid search?

Whether you are a seasoned salesperson or a novice looking to get into e-commerce through Amazon's marketplace, you probably don't know all the A9 algorithm’s intricacies that governs the entire SEO system on Amazon.

  • What is the Amazon A9 algorithm?
  • Why should you rank well on Amazon?
  • Relevance criteria or pull factors
  • Amazon's performance criteria

Baidu is a Chinese technology company specializing in internet services and AI (artificial intelligence). It is very often, and rightly so, compared to the Google juggernaut.

  • The name's history and origins
  • Some figures on Baidu
  • Baidu: features and services
  • Popular keywords and contents in China
  • A few scandals and their spill-over effects
  • What is the future for Baidu?

Black Hat SEO is a disapproved practice by Google and other search engines, and above all not a very fair one at that!

  • Black Hat SEO methods and techniques
  • Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO
  • What are search engines doing to fight this practice?

In web marketingIn web marketing, two terms are frequently used: SEO and SEA. Their meaning is often obscure to the uninitiated, but in reality there are many differences between these two acquisition levers.

  • SEO or organic search: what is it?
  • SEA or paid search: what is it?
  • Should you choose between SEO and SEA?

The higher your pages appear in the SERP, the better your chances of getting traffic. The solution to improve your visibility and profitability: combine SEO and SEA.

  • When should you do SEO on a website?
  • When to start SEA?
  • The advantages of combining organic and paid search for more visibility
  • How to properly distribute a budget between SEO and advertising on search engines?

The search engines are saturated with millions of results, and in general, it is the usual behemoths that manage to get away with it. But it doesn't have to be that way.

  • What is a brand strategy on Google for an e-commerce site?
  • How to improve your brand awareness on the web?

BtoB marketing is very different from BtoC marketing. BtoB marketing targets the needs and interests of individuals who make purchases on behalf of or for their company (rather than for themselves). The marketing message is therefore not directed at an individual, but at an entity.

  • What is a BtoB branding strategy and how is it so different from BtoC?
  • How can you improve your company's online visibility?
  • Analyze SEO and SEA conversions to measure the effectiveness of your BtoB brand strategy

When it comes to e-shopping, the first results that appear in the Google SERP are ads from the Google Shopping service.

  • What is the Google Shopping platform?
  • Google Shopping on the Internet user's side
  • How Google Shopping works for the seller
  • Differences and similarities between Google Ads and Google Shopping
  • Strengths and weaknesses of using Google Shopping

The interface allows you to import your company and product catalogue data, but also to manage your data flows in real time. 

    • Presentation of the Google Merchant Center homepage
    • How will the Merchant Center Administration tab be useful to you?
    • Validate and claim your website’s URL by following the below steps
    • Check the correct configuration of your account

You just opened a Google Merchant Center account, the next step is to create and import a Google Shopping feed. It is a file of information about your products that helps Google understand what you are selling.

  • The attributes of your Shopping feed
  • Import the product feed into Merchant Center
  • Tips and advice to optimize a Google Shopping feed

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