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Master essential SEO skills thanks to a training course adapted to your level of expertise and the challenges you’re facing. Our objective ? To give you the keys so that you can manage SEO projects in total autonomy.

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Our SEO training offer


We regularly organise free “beginners” Masterclasses on various SEO topics where we provide lots of actionable tips to improve your Google rankings.

For more advanced sessions, we provide paid courses as well.


Available trainings courses

  • SEO overview

  • Optimization criteria of the main webpage types

  • Internal linking & tree structure

  • Technical SEO: master the fundamentals

  • SEO: how to measure its impact?

  • Netlinking: fundamentals and good practices

  • How to optimize the SEO & SEA mix?

The SmartKeyword Academy

Our academy is included for any purchase of a paid SEO training course. You’ll have unlimited access to over 200 courses:

  • 200+ online courses

  • Learnings immediately applicable

  • Quizzes to validate skills


Where do our trainings take place?

Due to the current pandemic, our training courses are taught remotely by video conference for the time being. Upon request, they can take place at either our or your offices, provided safety measures against covid can be implemented.

Our instructors

Louis Chevant

Mouad Boulaabi

Asmae Belalia

Founder of SmartKeyword SEO agency.

His wish: to help digital marketing professionals take control of the development and implementation of their SEO strategies.

Louis has notably supported and trained companies such as E.Leclerc, Rakuten, and GO Sport in France, leaders in their fields.

  • x2 on their traffic in less than 12 months

He has taught statistics at an engineering school in the past, and is currently professor at Paris university. Louis knows how to customise his classes to give you the most relevant possible training course.

Louis thrives in a competitive environment and likes a challenge. As an international chess player, he will provide you with the right SEO strategy to put in place to boost your business and beat your opponents.

With a 10-year experience in SEO, and a background as a Linux system engineer, Mouad uses his technical and SEO knowledge every day for big startups and companies in the international luxury, insurance, e-commerce industries amongst others.

A strong team player:

“I like being involved in all aspects of a project that has some connection to SEO.”

Here are some of the SEO agencies he’s worked at before arriving at SmartKeyword:
  • Apposition / Iprospect
  • Search Foresight
  • Publicis Media
He also worked on the advertiser side to complete his expertise:

Trained as an engineer, she began her career in the aeronautical traceability industry. Keen for a challenge, she decided to join the SmartKeyword in its early days to take on her next challenge.

During the past 4 years, she mastered her knowledge and experience of the SEO market. This fresh outlook allowed her to see SEO from a new angle, and to look for the easiest methods to popularize SEO concepts to her clients.

She has trained start-ups in SEO such as:

  • Bergamotte
  • Virtuo
  • Epicery
  • Sculpteo

Asmae will bring you the SEO knowledge you are looking for and direct you to the right strategy.

Feedback from our clients

Raphael Bonstein
Raphael BonsteinRakuten: VP Product & Growth
“Since the training, the traffic and turnover gained from SEO are undeniable. Mouad clearly and concisely answered all my questions. I recommend this training.”
Clara Penalba
Clara PenalbaPrivateaser: Acquisition Manager
“Very satisfied with the SmartKeyword training. Not being an SEO expert, Mouad was able to adapt to my level. The training is truly accessible to everyone. A two-day training for great results!”
Cindy Bringuier
Cindy BringuierOncovia: CEO
“If only I had known SmartKeyword 6 months ago, it’d have changed my life! Whatever your project and progress level, their trainers give you real personalized advice. Recommendation ++!”
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Any more questions? 🙂

We are on the lookout for any new information on SEO. Our content is updated regularly to provide you with the best possible training.

All our courses are independent from each other. Therefore, you can attend the subject you want to learn.

Our training courses are built for several knowledge levels. If you’re starting from scratch, we recommend “SEO overview”. The rest of our training is aimed at a slightly more experienced audience (who has mastered the basics), and is about more specific subjects in order to go more in depth.

Usually, we try to offer training courses once a week. If you weren't able to participate in the previous course, don't panic, it will be available again in a few weeks time.

Our training courses are designed to make you more independent on the SEO challenges you need to address. Our training courses are not only theoretical but also practical. We perform some SEO tasks and actions directly on your website during the training.

Our trainings can be financed by your OPCO in France. You must check with your OPCO to find out if you can benefit from it.

Our training courses are designed to make you more independent on the SEO challenges you need to address. Our training courses are not only theoretical but also practical. We perform some SEO tasks and actions directly on your website during the training.

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