Create a (real) SEO x SEA synergy

Thanks to our Google expertise, we give you the keys to understand the SERP and maximise your marketing ROI in order to create a (real) SEO x SEA synergy.

SEO - SEA - e-commerce study

SEO & SEA : E-commerce study

To maximise your chances of being seen several times on the most competitive queries, you should invest as much in Shopping and Ads as in SEO , because paid ads "guarantee" you top positions, while SEO ensures your presence on Google.

Discover the results of our study of the 30,000 top keywords in the e-commerce sector (carried out in September 2021).


Successful branding on Google

Thanks to our Google expertise, you will know what concrete actions to take to defend your brand online and target off-brand queries.


In web marketing, two terms are frequently used: SEO and SEA. They are often put in competition with each other, but is this really true?

Combining SEO & SEA

The higher your pages appear in the SERP, the better your chances of getting traffic. The solution to improve your visibility and profitability: combine SEO and SEA.

SEO & SEA for e-commerce

Faced with the behemoths of the sector, it is possible to gain notoriety by adopting a good brand strategy based on multi-channel.

SEO & SEA for BtoB

The BtoB market on the web is still less important than the BtoC market, but it has become essential for many professionals in all sectors.

Understanding what's happening on the SERP

The Google results page (SERP) is governed by the multiple algorithms of the famous search engine and offers stylized rich results, also called "rich snippets", answering the questions of Internet users.

Learn more about SEO, SEA and Google Shopping

With our Google expertise, deepen your knowledge of SEO, Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Natural referencing

In SEO, we are far from the "one shot" actions of SEA. It is an important background work, dealing with the different levers of SEO (technical, content, popularity).

Google Ads

Paid search is a web-marketing pillar intended to connect with Internet users, who will have typed the search queries, through ads.

Google Shopping

When it comes to e-shopping, the first results that appear in the Google SERP are ads from the Google Shopping service.

The new way to perform in SEO

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