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Large Businesses

Fioulmarket: x10 on SEO traffic in 3 months

Discover how Fioulmarket reached the top 3 of Google on competitive queries.

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Rakuten: +30% turnover in 6 months

Raphaël Bonstein explains why he chose SmartKeyword to improve his SEO performance quickly!


Intercycle SEO

Intercycle: x2 on SEO traffic in 3 months

Discover the strategy that helped Intercycle to double their SEO traffic.

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Oncovia: in the top 10 of Google in 6 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Oncovia to reach the first page of Google results.

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Tediber: x3 on SEO traffic in 6 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Tediber to reach the 1st page of Google against the giants of the sector.

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Tracktor: top 3 on Google and x2 on quotes in 6 months

Discover the strategy that helped Tracktor to double their quote requests through SEO.

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Privateaser: x2 on traffic in 1 year

Clara and Benjamin tell us about working with SmartKeyword and the results they obtained thanks to competition tracking, position tracking and the detection of the best keywords.

Clients by industry

From new players dethroning the web giants, to the giants themselves seeking renewal.


From the small to the big players competing to reach Google's top position.


Specialised online shops that offer an alternative to the big brands.


From e-merchants to web sites offering sports activities.


From supermarkets, to e-merchants & pure player marketplaces, facing demanding consumers.


From players who crack the market, to agencies that simplify procedures, to innovative energy suppliers.


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