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x 2 on SEO traffic in 2020

From the beginning of 2020, Yespark has decided to work on the semantic cocoons of the queries "parking" + city, "parking rental" + city and "parking" + city on more than 1,000 French cities.

Since September 2020, non-branded SEO traffic has doubled every month compared to the previous year, and the share of organic traffic in total traffic has increased from 40% to 50% by early 2021.

Startup, B2B, Transport sector

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+45% SEO traffic and +80 articles in 5 months

Alan explains how they were able to industrialise content production in 2 months.

Startup, B2B, Health sector

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x10 on SEO traffic in 3 months

Fioulmarket, a subsidiary of the Total group, reveals its strategy to reach the top 3 of Google on competitive queries.

Key account, B2B, Energy sector

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+25% on SEO traffic in 3 months

GO Sport explains how they have managed to get out of the crisis by redesigning the site's tree structure.

Key account, B2C, Sports sector

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x2 on SEO traffic in 3 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Intercycle to double their SEO traffic.

SME, B2C, Sports sector

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Google's Top 10 in 6 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Oncovia to enter the 1st page of Google results.

SME, B2C, Beauty sector

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x2 on traffic in one year

Discover the results obtained by Privateaser thanks to the monitoring of competition, positioning and the detection of the best keywords on SmartKeyword.

Startup, B2B, Leisure sector, Marketplace

30% increase in turnover in 6 months

Rakuten explains why they chose SmartKeyword to improve their SEO performance quickly!

Key account, B2C, Retail sector

x3 on SEO traffic in 6 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Tediber to reach the first page of Google against the giants of the sector.

Startup, B2C, Home sector

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Top 3 in Google and x2 on quotes in 6 months

Discover the strategy that allowed Tracktor to double their quote requests thanks to SEO.

Startup, B2B, Construction sector, Marketplace

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