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Pour ceux qui préfèrent les résumés en image, nous réalisons également une vidéo de l’actualité SEO tous les mois.

Pour profiter de ce format il vous suffit de suivre notre compte Linkedin SmartKeyword (vidéo postée le troisième jeudi du mois aux alentours de 17h).

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Why the SmartKeyword SEO Newsletter?

SmartKeyword saves you the time to do your SEO monitoring and does it for you! Google changes its algorithm several times a year, you probably know the Core Update but they are not the only ones! In fact, several changes are regularly made, whether on the Google SERP or in its Search Console reports. It is sometimes complicated to follow all these changes and to understand them, hence the interest of this newsletter!

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The main advantage of this SEO News is that it is quick and easy to read, in 5-6min you will be up to date on the latest google news.

Secondly we also share with you our upcoming news, webinars, new tutorial videos, new SmartKeyword SEO articles and SEO Infographics on many different sectors (much of which is available on our infographic page).

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