Google Ranking Tracking: Automate your SEO performance management

Easily monitor your SEO performance thanks to automated tasks and daily support from your dedicated SEO consultant and his team of experts.

performance management

Simplify daily life with an accessible platform

Performance & Reporting

  • Evolution of brand vs. non-brand traffic

  • Breakdown of traffic by groups of pages, medium (mobile/desktop...), and keywords
  • Position tracking by keyword and keyword groups
  • Daily or weeklyalerts on entries / exits in top 3, top 10

  • Automatedcompetitive positionmonitoring

  • Best detection of keywords on which competitors are positioned but not you
customizable export-reports

Customizable reports and data exports

  • Manage your business with customisablegraphs and exports

  • View reports in table or graph format

  • Download them in an Excel format

Time saving and process simplification

Prioritize SEO actions

  • Most profitable keywords detection
screen-cost-effectiveness - keywords

Implement SEO optimizations

  • For each keyword, an action plan summarising the key actions to be taken

SmartKeyword consulting

Tailor-made support / a dedicated contact person

  • Personalized support with a SmartKeyword expert who knows your company and its sector’s situation

  • Personalization and strategy development
  • Need for expertise / one-off(s): site redesign, SEO audit, web writing and netlinking campaign
screen-integrated project-management

Integrated project management

  • Measure the impact of the actions carried out thanks to theintegration of the tasks in the positioning follow-up.

Feedback from our clients

Marketing managers, traffic managers, SEO specialists... from different sectors and sizes’ companies trust SmartKeyword to manage their SEO projects.

Julien Drouot
Julien DrouotDirector of Ecommerce - GO Sport
“Depuis que j’utilise SmartKeyword, j’ai un bien meilleur suivi, les données sont bien plus exactes, et je peux donc faire de bien meilleurs reportings.”

Antoine Delaruelle
Antoine DelaruelleSEO Director - Fioulmarket
“SmartKeyword is an intuitive and intelligent platform, with which I can easily manage my daily SEO actions. Not to mention the team who is always available to help me whenever I need it.”
Clara Penalba
Clara PenalbaAcquisition Manager - Privateaser
“Thanks to their well-thought-out platform and their team’s strong e-commerce expertise, SmartKeyword has enabled us to triple the traffic to our online store in less than 6 months.”

What is SEO tracking?

In search engine optimization, SEO position tracking is the monitoring of the positions of a search engine (generally Google) according to the keywords you wish to track. The keywords monitored are specific to the activity and the field in which you operate.

Why track your SEO positions?

Like everyone who takes actions, it is interesting to be able to analyse the results obtained by these actions in order to know if your efforts are allowing you to progress on the desired queries.

In SEO, volume of traffic is not everything!

Indeed, there are keywords with a low search volume that provide a high ROI and conversely, keywords with a high volume but that do not bring in any revenue.

SEO has the reputation of being a long-term job. Indeed, a page after creation requires several weeks or even months before being positioned on the search engines. This depends on the level of competition for the keyword concerned, the tougher the competition the longer it will take.

Once this first step is established and your position is stable, the objective will be to find areas for improvement. If your page is on the 2nd page of Google, it probably does not generate any traffic. The number of visits decreases sharply as your position moves away from the first results on the search engines. So surely you can do better!

SEO ranking tracking makes it easy to detect pages that are getting lost in the Google abyss. There are several possible explanations for the loss of ranking or de-indexing of your website's pages. It may be that the downgrading came from you, a technical error during a redesign of your site, an unacceptable SEO practice that earned you a Google penalty, or it may be due to an external change such as an update to the Google algorithm.

Some keywords are not searched throughout the year. Positioning monitoring ensures that the decrease in organic traffic is not due to a loss of position, the traffic will return on its own next season!

Automated positioning monitoring (SEO)

Track your SEO positions, we combine your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data from your pages to identify opportunities to improve your visibility in Google.

You decide which keywords you want to track. Keywords can be tracked daily or weekly depending on the importance of the keyword.

Our SEO tracking tool collects SERP positions on each keyword you decide to track. This allows you to see who is ranking on your keywords and to keep an eye on your competitors' positions in addition to your site's position.