Discover the ultimate guide in 8 chapters

When you start to work your SEO, there is obviously the on-page content to take into account, in other words the content’s optimization on the website’s page. But you also have to consider the whole technical SEO aspect. It's like renovating a car from the outside, but forgetting to change all the technical parts inside. Don't wait any longer, optimize your organic ranking with our SEO techniques.

Keyword research


In SEO, it all starts with keywords. Indeed, Google and other search engines aim to respond to queries from Internet users, who type a series of words in the search bar.

On-Page Analysis


The web is made of pages and pages and more pages. And they have a structure. We will see in that part a nice "to do list" to properly structure a page. What are the tags to use, and how to use them. Discover our 11 detailed articles on this topic.

Technical SEO


When you start working on a page or website’s organic ranking, there is obviously the on-page content to take into account. But you also have to consider the whole technical aspect. Optimize an SEO strategy thanks to our SEO techniques.

SEO Netlinking


"One good link" can be more powerful for SEO than a hundred bad links. Indeed, when we talk about a netlinking strategy, we have to think about quality.

Google SEO tools


Google, in addition to being the most used search engine (92% of searches), offers many tools that are used to improve a company’s reputation, traffic and online sales.

The secrets of Google's algorithm


Discover all the secrets behind Google's algorithm: from how it works to penalties.

Types of SEO


Referencing, positioning, SEO ... many names but what do they really mean?
When we talk about referencing, the most adequate definition is actually positioning. You don't just want to be listed on Google, you want to be well positioned to attract a maximum of customers.


Content Marketing


Brand content, content marketing and content curation. It's easy to get lost between all these strategies. Don't panic, we'll explain everything!