In this concise tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a new user on Google Search Console and define precise rights of each user! This can be very useful when working with external partners or simply new colleagues. :)

With Google Search Console you can:

  • monitor traffic coming from Google
  • Add and declare your sitemaps.xml files

Without further ado, here is the tutorial:

What is the Google Search Console?

On Google Search Console, users have different access levels on a "web property" (usually a website). We advise you to use a address as this makes it easier for using GSC but also for all other Google solutions.

Google Search Console : ownership levels

  1. The "owner" manages the entire account and has access to all the features that Google Search Console offers, for example he can delete or modify users.
  2. The "User" simply uses GSC to get information but does not have the ability to administer it.
  3. The "Associate" is a special status. It appears when you use other Google solutions that you connect to your GSC.

Google Search Console : adding a user

Go to and connect to your account.

Google search console

On the right, you will see a "Manage a property" button. By clicking on it, a menu appears as below:

Google search console

When you click on "Add or remove user accounts",

you will find a list of users and owners of the website.

Google search console

On this page you can see who has access to your GSC account.

To create a user access in GSC, click on the red button below:

Google search console

A window will appear as you can see below. Enter an email and choose the level of access for that user (restricted or full), then click on "Add".

Google search console

For example by choosing the "Full access" level and clicking on "Add". The list of users is displayed again.

Google search console
You have the possibility for each user to change the authorization status from "full" to "restricted" as you wish.
To delete a user:

Google search consoleAbove, there is a button on the right: "Delete" which allows you to validate the deletion of a user type access. However, it will always be possible to recreate an access if necessary or if you have made a mistake.

...If you want to delete an owner :

In the list of owner access, on the right hand side, the "Cancel validation" link allows you to remove the "Owner" status of a user.

Google search console

What's next ?

Thanks to SmartKeyword you now understand how to add a user, discover now how to use how to use Google Search Console to optimize your organic ranking.

   Article written by Louis Chevant

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