Looker Studio connector : what’s the scoop?

Have you heard of Looker Studio ?

Formerly known as Data Studio, Looker Studio stands as an online data reporting and visualization tool provided by Google. It enables users to connect to diverse data sources, merge them, and display the outputs through interactive, customizable dashboards.

With Looker Studio, you can effortlessly share and collaborate on real-time reports, providing valuable insights to boost your marketing and data strategies.

So, what’s the scoop on the SmartKeyword connector ?

This is where the magic unfolds!

Our connector allows you to integrate Looker Studio with SmartKeyword, enabling direct retrieval of your data. Bid farewell to endless Excel exports!
Initially, you’ll be able to extract data from GSC, GA4, and AdWords, cross-match it with your keyword categorization through SmartKeyword to analyze your data and traffic more effectively.
For instance, reports such as the SEOxSEA one will help you understand your Global Search Coverage, on branded & non-branded traffic, broken down by search query.

To use the SmartKeyword Connector, you’ll first need to log into your SmartKeyword account. Below is an example of what you might see and the permissions you’ll need to grant:

Okay, but what’s a connector ?

A Looker Studio Connector (Plugin) is a tool that establishes links between external data sources and this ecosystem.
With just a few clicks, you can import data from various sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, or third-party data sources to create your own reports.

Connectors are frequently developed by third-party developers, although some are also provided by Google. This means there’s an array of options to choose from !

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Questions? Have a bug to report ?

If you have any queries or come across any issues with the SmartKeyword Connector, our team is here to assist you. We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience and eagerly await your feedback to continuously enhance our service. Feel free to reach out for support or share your suggestions without hesitation!

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