Black Friday 2021: the numbers you need to know

For the majority of e-tailers, sales and Black Friday are key periods, with a large percentage of annual sales made on a few days. It is vital to seize these opportunities to boost turnover, clear out remaining stocks and make room for new collections!

This article is intended to answer the following questions:

  • What are the French looking for during this period?
  • Which retailers are the hot sellers on Black Friday?
  • Is Black Friday searched from a phone or a computer?
  • Which e-tailer will perform best and in which sector?

Just a little more patience, before moving on to the graphs and the infographics, we will quickly explain the methodology used.

Methodology of our study on Black Friday 2021

The data :

  • The analysis is based on a sample of 50,000 keywords collected from various tools: Ranxplorer, Semrush, SmartKeyword, Google Search Console
  • Search volumes are adjusted for the period 8 October - 12 December. This is based on analysis of Google Search Console and Google Trends data, which shows that the vast majority of searches are performed during this period
  • The 2020 data correspond to queries made from 27 November to 7 December (hence a higher volume compared to the 2021 data which correspond to the week of 22 November)


Basedon this data, we have a comprehensive analysis of both :

  • of the demand expressed in Google, in order to understand what the French are looking for: by type of product, and by e-tailers.
  • and also SERPs linked to the top keywords in order to give you the best performers in terms of products and e-traders in the categories considered: High-Tech, Fashion, Video Games, etc. We will also study the evolution of the rankings during the week of November 29th for the different e-tailers and will inform you of the changes on Tuesday November 30th!


Global KPIs: what is the demand?

The Black Friday market represents 3.7 million Google searches as of November 22, just by limiting oneself to the 3000 most searched "black Friday" themed keywords, and the searches are very concentrated: the top 500 keywords alone account for 88% of this search volume!



Share of research volume by sector

The High-tech sector (11.6%) is slightly ahead of the Fashion sector (8.4%) and quite clearly ahead of video games. It should also be noted that 2/3 of the total search volume is captured by generic queries such as "black friday", "black friday date", etc.



Top 10 e-tailers by search volume

Amazon is the most sought-after e-tailer, ahead of Cdiscount and Darty. We note that the weight of the brand is very important, with "free" traffic of notoriety which ensures a very good turnover without even working on its SEO!




Top 10 Product Types by Search Volume

Consoles win the competition ahead of Phones and Appliances. We note that historically Black Friday is very High-Tech oriented, which is confirmed by this top 3!




Top 10 domains based on traffic estimates

Overall, Fnac retained the number one position, while Darty fell off the podium in favour of Backmarket.

Zalando managed to enter the Top 10 and is now in 9th place.



Top 10 in the sector High Tech


This time Darty is taking its revenge, 4th the previous week (3.8%) and (3.9%) this week which allows it to take second place.

This is due to the small decrease in market share of Rueducommerce and Backmarket.




Top 10 in the Fashion sector


Laredoute and Blackffriday have exchanged positions this week. We note the entry of Go Sport in the Top 10 at 7th position.



Top 10 des parts de marché générique

Again, Darty fell off the podium to 6th place, dropping from 2.3% to 1.5% market share.

Backmarket, which was 5th last week (1.4%), is once again in 3rd place with 3.1%.



Top 10 in the Home sector


Fnac lost places for the first time, dropping from 3rd place (3%) to 6th place (2.1%).

Cdiscount ranked 6th last week (2.3%) reaches the podium with 2.9%.




Top 10 in the video game sector


Rakuten moves from 2nd to 4th place. gained 5 points of market share this week, going from 1.5% (9th) to 6.5% (2nd)!

Amazon has moved up to 7th place with a 2.2% market share.



And now the infographic itself! To be shared without moderation :)