Tediber x3 in SEO traffic in 6 months


Discover the strategy that helped Tediber climb to Google’s 1st page against the giants of the sector:

1 Rank on the mattress search query:

  • Focus on a high-quality product page as well as a global brand awareness strategy.

2 Making a mark on the pillow search query:

  • Building on their reputation, The team at Tediber launch their Pillow offer with a high-quality product page as well as an ultra-detailed buying guide based on the semantic cocoon.

 "The tool's pretty damn good. It's very action-oriented, so it's very handy for dividing up the work in the team, and no tool is more complete: it's all there."

Julien Sylvain Julien Sylvain, CEO, Tediber

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