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SmartKeyword SEO platform: the best SEO tool designed for SMEs, e-merchants and marketplaces

In order to sell online you have to be visible to internet users. And especially visible on Google since this is where 80% of consumers go to get information before buying, whether for an online or in-store purchase. So how do you increase your online visibility? As a marketer, you are doing your best, but you don’t have an infinite amount of time to dedicate to SEO as regards to:

  • Determine the best keywords to rank on
  • Gather SEO knowledge
  • Measure the ROI of your SEO actions

We designed SmartKeyword to answer all these questions. So, be ready to increase your turnover with:

  1. An ergonomic online SEO platform with no implementation cost
  2. An online training center with more than 200 lessons to professionalize your team members
  3. An SEO expert to guide you through your SEO roadmap

SmartKeyword is the only SEO platform designed for SMEs, e-merchants and marketplaces. It allows them to manage their SEO strategy while professionalizing their teams in order to make them autonomous in the long term. Of course, there are many (too many!) SEO tools designed for experts such as Ahref for netlinking, Ranxplorer for keyword research, ScreamingFrog for SEO audits and many more... Over-simplified tools dedicated to VSEs also exist, but would not be suitable for websites of more than 100 pages (e.g. Yoast WordPress plug-in, and rankingCoach).

Are you keen to learn more about the SmartKeyword SEO platform? Let’s go !

performance monitoring

Better than an SEO tool

Our SEO solution is designed to make you the hero of your SEO performance, and boost turnover.

Our goal is to democratize a discipline as complex as SEO so that even the most neophyte people can build, independently, an SEO strategy that works.

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A dose of AI in SEO

A tool that guides you step by step through the actions to be carried out, saves you time by automating repetitive tasks, and gives you the results for quick business decisions.

Dedicated support

A dedicated expert who will always be available to answer questions, and assist you in implementing your strategy.

A training space

An academy which covers all SEO subjects to acquire or consolidate SEO basics and progress independently.

Discover SmartKeyword

How does the SEO platform work?

The SmartKeyword SEO platform is 100% online and does not require technical integration. Each user has their own access to the company account, and employees can work together on this account.

The keywords you are targeting are the starting point. SmartKeyword will prioritize the best keywords, provide editorial and technical optimization recommendations, and measure the impact of the SEO actions you have taken in terms of traffic gains, positions and revenue per keyword. And since the positions depend on what the competitors are doing, your SmartKeyword account will detect your competitors’ best strategies (keywords, content, and netlinking).

The platform is great. It’s very oriented towards concrete actions to be carried out, therefore very practical for dividing the work onto the team, moreover, no tool is as complete as this one: EVERYTHING IS THERE.” Julien, CEO of Tediber (French brand specialized in bedding)

The platform is intentionally easy to use; each report shows an overview of key figures, followed by one or more graphs to visualize the data, and then tables to follow the data’s evolution.

Why is the SmartKeyword platform different from others?

With SmartKeyword's turnkey SEO solution you can professionalize internal teams while having a simple and powerful tool to manage your SEO strategy. In other words, it’s a unique proposition on the market. The current alternatives do not offer such comprehensive solutions.

We’ve focused our technical development efforts on 3 major technological innovations, 3 unique algorithms to prioritize keywords with the best potential to generate revenue, which allow:  

  • Detecting the best opportunities to gain qualified traffic thanks to our proprietary algorithm
  • Working on the keywords to increase your SEO/SEA traffic based on our technical and editorial recommendations, thanks to our semantic algorithm
  • Measuring performance in terms of traffic gain and turnover thanks to our attribution algorithm

A complete tool to prioritize, internalize and measure the SEO

You understand now that the SmartKeyword SEO platform is designed to prioritize SEO actions thanks to: targeted keywords’ scoring, technical and editorial recommendations, and reports to measure your return on investment. Your dedicated expert and the online training center complete the SEO solution for a fast implementation and teams’ professionalization.

Now let's see what it looks like!


A dashboard... to work on the keywords, and get the best pages ranking



After working together on your target keywords, because who better than you know your industry, you will import them into your account. Our algorithm will calculate an opportunity score which will rate the keywords according to their degree of accessibility (a high score out of 100 indicates that you can position yourself, a low score indicates that it will be difficult to reach the 1st page on Google, because there are already too many competitors). From there, you can prioritize your position opportunities.

For each keyword, an action plan provides recommendations for:


Reports... to analyze positions and the results of SEO actions

SEO conversion tracking tool


With conversion data you can assess the impact of SEO actions on your revenue, and prioritize the next SEO actions in order to generate more revenue. So, you can really see the SEO strategy’s ROI.

You can find:

  • SEO conversion: the sum of all the objectives as defined in Google Analytics. It’s also possible to filter them.
  • Transactional revenue: the e-commerce revenue made on the website from organic traffic. You’re also shown the number of transactions, the average basket, and the conversion rate (transaction / on click).
  • Pages bringing conversion: the number of pages that generate the site’s objectives as defined in Google Analytics.
  • Keywords bringing conversion: the number of keywords that generates the site’s objectives as defined in Google Analytics.

You can also access a table of your best organic pages which indicates for each page: transactional income or goal completions and variations.

SEO traffic tracking tool


On SmartKeyword, you can measure traffic variations. A graph shows variations in SEO traffic, impressions, clicks and positions. Thus, it gives you an overview of what works, and it’s a good report to prove the impact of SEO actions.

Analyze the keywords bringing you traffic with data from:

  • Sessions, recorded when users browse the website, regardless of the number of pages they see
  • Impressions, recorded each time a page is shown on a search engine results page
  • Clicks, recorded when an users click on a result from the search engine results page
  • CTR (click-through rate) indicates the % of users who see a link and click on it. This is the click/impression ratio x100
  • Position, this is an average of the position shown for a given page on the search engine results page

Also analyze the best organic pages in terms of sessions and session variations, as well as the keywords on which they are positioned.

SEO position tracking tool


One of the good ways to know if your SEO strategy is working is to track positions. Your SmartKeyword account lists the pages that are ranked in Top 3, Top 10, and Top 30.

Each week, analyze the variations in the keywords’ positions through:

  • The keywords’ entries/exits in the Top 1 to 3 positions
  • The keywords’ entries/exits in the Top 4 to 10 positions
  • The keywords’ entries/exits in the Top 11 to 30 positions

For each keyword’s entry or exit, the report shows volume, current position, and last quarter's position for comparison. Download the keywords list for further analysis.

SEO competition tracking tool


With the competition report, you can see what competitors are doing, and therefore to do better than them. Thus, you can see the keywords on which they are positioned but also their backlinks. Get inspired by competitors on what works for them, and position yourself on keywords that the competition is not on.

Manually add competitors or find the top competitors positioned for a given keyword group. You will be surprised!

SmartKeyword gives you in the form of a table an analysis of competitors’ positions, listing for each competitor:

  • Volume of traffic
  • Traffic variation compared to the previous week (D-7), and previous month (D-28)
  • Best traffic (highest traffic observed over a 30-day period)
  • Number of keywords on the first page (keywords inserted into your SmartKeyword account)
  • Number of keywords in 1st position (keywords inserted into your SmartKeyword account)
  • Domain Authority (DA) i.e. website’s strength on a scale of 0 to 10
  • Number of links i.e. the number of referring domains
SEO Netlinking tracking tool



To provide you with this netlinking data, SmartKeyword is partnered with, a world leader in that field, that scans the web all day to find who is linking to whom. You can track the number of backlinks you have and if they are qualitative, and the evolution of your Domain Authority.


  • Total number of backlinks
  • Number of useful backlinks i.e. those that do not have a "no follow" directive, as well as its percentage of the total number of backlinks (the best is to get as close to 100% as possible)
  • Number of referring domains
  • Full list of backlinks incl. Domain Authority and Page Authority

Other essential SEO tools

As experts, we sometimes occasionally use other specialized tools, which we recommend:

How to choose an SEO tool?

For a website with hundreds of pages

The business’ success depends on online sales, and the website has several hundred pages? In that case, with a tool like SmartKeyword you can run your SEO yourself. You will always have control over the SEO strategy, and our expert will always be there to guide you towards the best strategy.

For a website with a few pages

Selling online is not a business requirement? In this case, a simple tool like Yoast, or rankingCoach will be enough.

Choosing SmartKeyword, the new way to perform in SEO

We noticed that there are no suitable tools for digital marketing professionals who are not SEO experts, but must manage e-commerce or marketplace websites with hundreds or even thousands of pages, and for which SEO is the main acquisition channel.

At SmartKeyword, we aim to democratize SEO, and therefore make our tool accessible to both the acquisition manager and the intern. Thus, with our SEO platform you have complete control over your SEO strategy.

It’s for you that we created SmartKeyword: a platform and an expert to guide you.

Moreover, you will be able to detect in one place the best traffic gain opportunities. You can also work on your targeted keywords to increase SEO/SEA traffic thanks to technical and editorial recommendations, and measure the performance in terms of traffic and turnover gain.



Choosing the right SEO tool is essential in order to set up an effective SEO strategy and measure its impact.

It’s necessary to choose it according to your company’s needs and budget. Obviously, this choice will be made in line with the SEO strategy you want to adopt, and depending on the knowledge you have in this field. Having an SEO reporting tool doesn’t do everything, you must also know how to interpret the data. If not, the best bet is to take part in an SEO training.

At SmartKeyword, we’ve created a platform capable of addressing marketers’ challenge to master their main acquisition channel. The platform we provide combines a recommendation and a reporting tool, all accompanied by the support of an expert. SmartKeyword is the essential platform for a company’s SEO.

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