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There are tons of extensions out there, each more innovative than the other. So how do you find your way around, and know which ones to choose to make your life easier? If you use Google Chrome on a daily basis, and are looking for suitable extensions for web and seo analysis, this article is for you. 


  • Mozbar, for netlinking data

    Mozbar is a reference in terms of seo plugin. It is free, you just have to create an account. With this tool, you don't need to go to a page to get the information you are looking for because it will be directly visible in the Google results. From there, you will have the following information: Page authority and Domain authoritylink analysis (you will have to click on it to have access to the analysis of the backlinks of the page in question). This information is quite 'greedy' in terms of visual space but no worries you can disable the extension in one click.
    When you are on a web page, Mozbar gives you new information about the number of followers or subscribers to the different social networks of the site in question.


  • Majectic Backlink Analyser, backlink analysis

    This extension allows you to have a quick idea of the strength of a page in terms of backlinks. One of the interests of this tool is to analyze the links of any site. So you can study your competitors' strategy in order to refine yours.
    The free version only gives you access to the "summary" tab (on the screenshot). It gives you access to the Citation Flow and Trust Flow, the number of backlinks on the page, the number of referring domains, as well as the history of backlinks or the link profile (in the form of a diagram). To take full advantage of the tool, you will need to create an account (for a fee). You will then have access to all the tabs: backlinks, anchors, tools and finally options.
    For example, the "backlinks" tab will list the 10 most popular backlinks of the page visited with their anchors, their popularity, their trust index and their date of publication. If you wish to have the details of all the tabs, you will find them on the majestic blog (the screenshots are from there).



  • User-agent switcher, rendering on different devices

    Developing a site that needs to work on both mobile and desktop browsers is not easy. That's why we selected the User-agent switcher tool. It allows you to test the display of your website regardless of the device or browser used. SEO errors can now be spotted and you can test the user experience of your website quickly. It is very simple to use, once you are on the page in question, you just have to click on the plugin icon and choose the device or browser to test.


  • Pagespeed insight, analyze a website’s speed

    PageSpeed Insights is one of the most effective tools for analysing website performance. It allows you to know in one click the loading speed of the sites you visit. The extension assigns two scores to the site in question, one for the desktop and the other for mobile, and provides recommendations for improvement. The scores are calculated using several SEO indicators.
    Types of information provided :

    • JavaScript, CSS and HTML content’s poor optimization
    • Images' weight
    • Non-responsive theme


  • Redirect path, redirect analysis

    Redirects are a recurring concern in the life of a webmaster. A 301 redirect can be compared to a change of postal address. So a good redirect is the necessary condition to keep your SEO positions during a redesign of your website with a change of domain name for example.
    The redirect path extension allows you to quickly find all the redirections of your website's pages.
    We recommend that you audit your redirects on a regular basis so that you do not lose positions in the SERP unnecessarily.


  • Google Analytics page

    This extension has the particularity of informing you visually on the way in which the Internet users interact with your site. The interaction on the pages is done through the clicks.
    So this plugin gives you all the KPIs that are calculated through clicks! Yes, that's a lot. As the extension is developed by Google, you will have to link it to Google Analytics. The analysis concerns of course your own pages.
    The information shared is the following:

    • Viewed pages
    • Unique visitors
    • Average time spent on the page
    • Bounce rate
    • Exit rate

    In addition, as you can see from the example below, you have percentages that tell you the % of visitors who clicked on the element in question, in this case 22% of visitors who clicked on an element on the page clicked on "video".
    Use this information to optimise the layout of your website, improve the user experience and increase conversions.


  • Keywords everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a free extension. It presents three different types of information for keywords on Google: monthly search volume, CPC (cost per click) and competition data on over 15 websites.
    The extension shows you the "related" keywords as well as what "people are also searching for" in the widgets on the right. To see the monthly search volume, the CPC and competition data, users must purchase credits.


  • Grammarly

    Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. Grammarly gives you suggestions when you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn and almost anywhere else you find yourself writing. Grammarly is a writing assistant that goes beyond grammar to give you complete feedback on your writing. You can be sure that your writing is not only correct, but also clear and concise. Be sure to register your account to receive a personalised weekly writing report that will help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.


  • Smart SEO, the best SEO plugin “made in France”

    We've saved the best for last: Smart SEO, a SmartKeyword Chrome extension.
    We put the tutorial video here:

    For those who prefer to read or don't have their headphones on, it's just below 😉
    It’s a completely free SEO solution which analyzes in 1 click any web page and any Google result page (WOW!).
    The analysis is made up of 4 sections: Summary, Content, Technique and Netlinking.
    You can find the following information in the Summary section:

    • Title tag, meta description tag, h1 tag, page word count, page SEO traffic, website SEO traffic, Domain Authority and Page Authority 

    The part that I like the most in this tool and that you won't find in other SEO plugins is the "Recommendations" part at the bottom of the summary section.
    It summarizes point by point the missing information and the areas to improve so that you can optimize your page.

    The Content section displays:

    • The page’s structure, with all the analyzed page’s h1 to h6 tags, very practical for spying on the structure of your competitors' articles.
    • Important words: it tells you if you value the keywords well (in bold or italics).
    • Words’ number on the page: it advises you on a minimum number of words to have on the page based on the different results found on the Google results page.
    • Open Graph tags, and Twitter Cards are also provided... yes, this tool is very complete. 

    Finally, the last 2 sections group together information such as:

    • Technical: Indexability, page speed, mobile compatibility, canonical and hreflang tags, image attributes, encoding, compression, presence of a favicon.
    • Linking: analyzes internal and external links: number of links (internal and external), follow/nofollow, duplicates.

    This is too much I want to download it !

    What are the the 2 small icons? (lamp and binoculars)

    The flashlight highlights h1 to h6 tags (in yellow frame), making it easier to locate them on the page (see the screen below).


  • If you click on the binoculars, a new tab will open to provide further analysis. Here is an example: click on the binoculars in the “technical” section at the speed line, a tab to page speed will then open so you can directly have a more complete analysis, and to make instant modifications (see the screen below). 😊
  • extension-chrome-seo-smartseo-twins


    We hope that you’ve enjoyed this selection. We have tried to make it as exhaustive as possible. Now you should have enough strings to your bow to rock at SEO. You can find all these extensions and much more in the Chrome Google Store, most of its plugins come from SEO agencies and other web players. This is particularly the case with SmartKeyword. We offer a complete SEO solution that gives access to a tool with which you can gain skills in all SEO aspects. Ask us more via our contact us form!