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Finding the right keywords is the most important step in your SEO strategy. Everything that follows, in terms of content, on-site optimization, netlinking, will depend on what you have decided to position yourself on.

This step should therefore not be neglected and should be regularly updated as there are constantly new positioning opportunities. Your competition evolves, and so does the behaviour of Internet users!

Google estimates, for example, that 15% of searches every day were never done before.

To help you see things more clearly, we decided to start with...the beginning! We present 5 free and complementary keyword generating tools (other than Google suggest) that will allow you to find new keyword ideas for the content of your site or blog.

Let's be methodical

We start our study by opening an Excel spreadsheet: we will copy in it all the suggestions found, we will remove duplicates, and at the end of the article, we will have a first list of interesting keywords. It will of course be analyzed, and that's the goal of the series of posts that will follow: it's only the first step, but it's the most important, so take your time!

We focus here on free online keyword generators, because it seems to us that a good use of them is more than enough to lead to a relevant list of keywords. Our list is based on complementary generators, because these 5 tools do not offer exactly the same functionalities.

5 essential tools for your keyword search

Throughout our article, we will take the example of a magician, living in Nantes, who wants to improve the positioning of his site in order to find customers through the internet. This is of course an example and the tools we list would also be relevant for an e-merchant, selling shoes online, and wishing to discover keyword opportunities in this particularly competitive field.


Website: https://ubersuggest.io/

Minimalist interface for this tool which is one of the best known on the market:

  • we enter a first expression around our theme: "nantes magician".
  • we choose our language: French
Übersuggest - enter the keyword "source"

The operation is very simple: you click on the "suggest" button, and you will get a list of suggestions of keywords around your theme above:

ubersuggest keywords
Übersuggest - Search results
Of course, you can also search further! The tool is completely free of charge and only the slightly untimely advertisements hinder navigation.

After each search, we advise you to export the results:

  • by clicking on the red "Download all" button on the top right: this generates an Excel file of which only the first column will interest you a priori
  • or simply click on the "View as text" button: you will get the screen below and can easily copy and paste into your Excel spreadsheet:
seo keyword toolsÜbersuggest - Exporting data to Excel


Website: http://keywordshitter.com/

A tool that we hesitate to present because of its name and logo...But it is worth going further.

The interface is again minimalist, we feel like we're on a site from the 90s, but here we go :

  • you type in "magic trick."
  • we click on : "start job"
KeywordShitter: launching the search

KeywordShitter: launching the search

Here we go, he's spinning, and watch out, he may never stop! Here we decided to stop it after 73 suggestions, but we could have let it run a little longer because his suggestions are quite relevant:

KeywordShitter: the results are endless!

KeywordShitter: the results are endless!

Beware however: the tool is relevant for a vast search as we have searched here (magic trick): it will not always be amazing on very specific or geo-localized searches. We don't teach you anything, it's the game with the tools, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses :).

You can of course start a new search. But first, don't forget to select all the keywords and put them in our Excel file. We can also click on the "Download" button: we get a .txt file (si, si, it still exists), summary like the tool, but then we take the opportunity to include them also in our Excel file, which we will sort later.


Website: www.answerthepublic.com

A different approach for this tool, which goes beyond the spelling variants and synonyms of the two above-mentioned tools. This time we try to understand what the Internet user wants, what he is really looking for before coming across your site. The application is well named, we try to answer our question :).

If he is looking for how to become a magician, he will not necessarily type "becoming a magician", but perhaps, in a much more "human" way: "how to become an illusionist magician".

So we appeal to the wise man of answerthepublic:

  • we type in our key word: "magician."
  • we choose our language : " FR "
Answer the public - home page

Answer the public - home page

The result is a list of key words presented in a nice way: lexical shelf presentation in the form of questions.

Answer the public: result in graphic format

Answer the public: result in graphic format

You can even export this nice picture. Nice, even if we are still wondering what we could do with it -> on my side, I immediately clicked on the "Export csv" button at the top right and I hastened to put all this in my Excel file already well provided now!

If you want to linger a little more on the tool, you can look at each of the proposed blocks: the presentation above is original and nice, even we have known better for readability:) :

Answer the public: example of a detailed result

Answer the public: example of a detailed result

Small limitation of this tool: in the same vein as keywordshitter, we shouldn't ask too much of it on the geo-localization of queries: it was stronger above to find suggestions like "wizard walking on water explanation", and a little less verbose on "nantes wizard", because here, despite his magnifying glass, our friend found nothing:

Answer the public : no results found!

Answer the public : Oops, nothing found!


Website: www.mergewords.com

This is a very practical tool that deserves some attention. Mergewords is as powerful as it is silly: it doesn't invent anything, it just generates all the keyword combinations from the few suggestions you give it.

Mergewords : initialization of the query

Mergewords : initialization of the query

Explanation: for our Nantes magician, we will try to find all the possible combinations of words from:
- his activity as a magician: we enter in the first column magic, magician and magicians
- the desired location: we enter in the second column Nantes and Loire-Atlantique
- the possible types of entertainment: we enter in the third column show, wedding, birthday, party, event.

Mergewords: search results

Mergewords: search results

We click on "Merge", and there hop hop hop hop, we get a complete list of combinations between the different words chosen! So we have to give it some ideas, it is more demanding than the previous tools, but the results are very satisfying.

And since we still love Excel so much, we make a copy/paste of this list and add it to our Excel file.

This tool can be particularly useful for e-commerce merchants. For example, for a site selling shoes online, we would have used the following combinations:

  • buy / find
  • shoes / ballerinas / pumps
  • online / promotion / cheap / discount

and we would have found:

Mergewords : example for an online shoe store

Mergewords : example for an online shoe store

It's a really easy way to have suggestions that are necessarily coherent (you're the one who enters the keywords) and in number, very easily.


Website: www.soovle.com

Soovle's interface may remind you strangely of a much more famous one? Soovle is a practical and free tool to get relevant keywords on different search engines. Google of course, but also Bing, Yahoo, and what we like and should not neglect, we'll see later, Wikipedia.
Be careful, we have to admit that the tool is not yet perfect for keyword research in French: we thought it was important to mention it because despite everything, it finds original suggestions that the previous tools would not necessarily have found, precisely because of this possibility to search on several different engines.

Soovle : example of a search, here on Youtube

Soovle : example of a search, here on Youtube

As usual, we do a few searches, and export each search to Excel using the download results button at the top left of the page.


  • Ahrefs: it has a keyword search tool, in which the search volume is included.
  • Moz: a keyword explorer has been set up on this tool. With this you have the possibility to choose from all over the world to make your searches, moreover you have a filtering option.
  • Keywordtool.io: this solution uses keywords suggested by Google, YouTube, Bing, and even Amazon. You will have hundreds of suggested keywords, but you need the paid version to have access to search volume estimates.
  • Scrapebox: with this tool a small amount of keywords will quickly become hundreds and thousands of possibilities, however this solution will only run on a Windows computer environment.
  • Wordstream: it has a free keyword tool allowing a limited number of searches. The free results include only the associated keywords.
  • Bing: its search tool provides keyword ideas and suggestions for your content. To access the keyword search tool, simply log in or register on Bing's Webmaster Tools to have your site checked before you can use it.
  •  Keyword Discovery: extracts research data from the largest list of research resources.
  • KWFinder: Keyword searches can focus on 5 different countries or most popular languages. Results include a keyword difficulty score and keyword ideas can be sorted by a number of metrics.
  • 7Search: Their tool is easy to use and is still free. Results include keyword ideas, as well as search volumes on their own network.
  • Google Trends is a small online tool to search for trends.

Bonus: find your competitors' keywords with SmartKeyword

I would like a demo

An interesting first list of keywords, then?

We used 5 tools, each of which generated several lists of keywords.

We're left with:

  • make a single list: in Excel, we will put all these keywords in a single column, and remove duplicates. If you need help on this, this little video could be enough for you: http://www.commentcamarche.net/faq/19343-excel-supprimer-les-doublons-dans-une-colonne-excel
  • Understand how relevant each of these keywords is: is it a little, a lot, searched for by Internet users? Is it competitive? The tools presented in this article do not provide us with this information.
    We will have to go to the Google Keyword Planner, a free tool available through your Google Adwords account (which you can create for free or with your regular Gmail account), to get this information. You will then be able to use the multitude of keywords that you have created thanks to our different generators and have an idea of their popularity. For that we give you an appointment in our next article!


Here is an exhaustive list of tools to use when you do a keyword search. Don't leave this step aside, it will help you to see more clearly and to set up an SEO strategy.

   Article written by Louis Chevant

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