GO Sport +25% non-branded SEO traffic in 3 months

 "Three experts have accompanied us for our big SEO projects. We're very happy with that and that's why when it comes to project support, we always rely on SmartKeyword."
Camilo_Martinez_GO_Sport Camilo Maza Martinez, Responsable Acquisition chez GO Sport

Notre objectif est de gérer au mieux le “retour à la normale” suite aux périodes de confinement. Pour le web, cela signifie générer du trafic sur plus de rayons, afin de compenser le ralentissement sur les rayons fitness, musculation et mobilité urbaine.

By using SmartKeyword, we were able to redesign our tree structure to target gendered queries such as "nike men's tracksuit". The project lasted 3 months and involved more than 2000 category pages.

This enabled us to generate +25% non-branded SEO traffic compared to the previous year.


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