Alan +45% SEO traffic and 80 articles published in 5 months

 "We got with SmartKeyword, in addition to a platform that works great and technical advice, strategy advice, and I think that's the most important thing."

Pierre Sommer Alan Pierre Sommer, Growth Content Marketing Lead chez Alan

After a quick technical upgrade of the site, Alan and SmartKeyword worked on creating SEO content.

As a result of this rigorous and efficient process, Alan has published two guides of 40 articles each, one on the subject of Provident Funds and the other on Mutual Funds.

En comparant janvier à septembre à la même période en N-1, Alan a gagné +58% de trafic SEO hors marque, représentant 38% du trafic SEO total, qui lui-même a progressé de +45%.

Alan SmartKeyword Case Study

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